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Teeth Extractions In Hamden, Connecticut

If you require teeth extractions in Hamden, Connecticut, you need to get in touch with Dixwell Dental. Call us to talk to us about your options and to schedule an appointment today.

Sometimes, the extraction of a damaged tooth is the only viable treatment option. If you have a damaged tooth that other forms of treatment have not been effective for, talk to us about our affordable teeth extractions. Our experienced dentists are always here to help.

Do I Need A Tooth Extraction?

Saving your natural tooth is always the preferred option, but we understand that sometimes this isn’t possible. Severe decay and damage to a tooth from injury sometimes does not respond to other treatments, leaving extraction the option to relieve pain and get you smiling again.

Other reasons for extraction include crowding of the mouth and wisdom tooth removal. To find out more about teeth extractions and whether or not is the right option for you, schedule a consultation with Dixwell Dental.

What Happens When I Have A Tooth Removed?

There are two options for a tooth removal. These are either a simple or surgical extraction. Both methods are quick and comfortable procedures performed with a local anesthetic to take away the pain. Prior to the extraction, we will take a digital X-ray of your mouth so that we have a thorough understanding of the location of the tooth in your jaw.

A simple extraction is performed when the tooth to be removed has erupted from the gums. The tooth will be loosened with a dental elevator prior to being removed with forceps. If the tooth has not yet erupted, a surgical extraction will be necessary. A small incision will be made into your gum to allow the tooth to be removed.

How Do I Care For My Mouth After An Extraction?

Immediately after your dentist has removed your tooth, you will be told to bite down hard on a gauze pad to stem the bleeding and help clot the blood. You will need to leave this in place for three to four hours after the procedure. If you experience any swelling during this time, you can treat it with an icepack held to your cheek for no longer than ten minutes at a time.

You may be prescribed over-the-counter pain relievers by your dentist, which you should take over the next few days as needed. Rinse your mouth out with a saltwater rinse 24 hours after the extraction as this helps to prevent infection from setting in.

Be very careful when you are brushing your teeth to stay clear of the extraction site as brushing over it would be painful. Only eat soft foods for the first little while, taking care when you bite down and chew.

If any problems arise after your tooth extraction, or if you have any questions, call us straight away for advice.

For affordable teeth extractions in Hamden, get in touch with Dixwell Dental at (203) 404-7006 to make an appointment. Ask us about our-family friendly hours when you call us.


  • Andrew S.

    Dr. Jagat Patel and Dr. Neal Patel are the best. Very professional and with great deal of experience. The staff is very friendly and you are treated like family. The office is neat and up to date and they are always willing to accommodate to you. I definitely recommend this practice.

  • Jonathan C.

    I recommend this place! The staff is always so polite and they make sure I have no doubts before leaving. They remind me of my appointments and they always go the extra mile to help whenever needed.

  • Dev P.

    Great service and care, I would recommend them to anyone! A family feel that truly transforms your dental experience into one filled with warmth and comfort.

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