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Teeth Whitening In Hamden, Connecticut

If you are looking for the best options for teeth whitening in Hamden, Connecticut, get in touch with us at Dixwell Dental. We can help you get the pearly white smile you have always dreamed of.

Living with discolored teeth can be incredibly discouraging, causing you to avoid showing off your smile. Thankfully, with modern teeth whitening technology, you no longer have to go through life with your mouth shut. When you come to see the team at Dixwell Dental for whiter teeth, you can be confident that you will walk away from your appointment showing off your teeth to the world once again.

Is Teeth Whitening Right for Me?

When you choose to visit your dentist to have your teeth professionally whitened, you can be confident that you will leave with the brightest, whitest smile possible. Professional teeth whitening treatments can target the deep intrinsic stains that cause most tooth discoloration.

Over-the-counter products, such as toothpastes and gels, may be able to get rid of the extrinsic, or surface, stains on your teeth. However, these results are minimal and short-lived, as the stains return as soon as you drink your next cup of coffee. For effective, real, and long-lasting teeth whitening results, come and see us at Dixwell Dental today.

What Can I Expect When I Get My Teeth Whitened?

At Dixwell Dental, our dentists use an in-house whitening product that is able to remove stains from within your teeth. At the start of your whitening procedure, your sensitive gums will be covered to protect them from coming into contact with the whitening product.

Next, your teeth will be coated in our whitening gel, which is a hydrogen peroxide product. The gel will be activated, causing oxygen ions to be released into your teeth. These ions are able to break down stubborn intrinsic staining, restoring your white smile and confidence. You can expect the total process to last less than one hour.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a safe procedure. However, there are some risks of an increase in tooth sensitivity, especially if you already suffer from sensitive teeth. Thankfully, these side effects are short-lived, and you will be back to your usual self in no time.

If you are already affected by sensitive teeth, be sure to tell your dentist during your consultation. They will be able to modify the concentration of the whitening gel used to reduce the chance of an increase in sensitivity following the procedure.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

Dixwell Dental aims to serve the Hamden community with affordable and quality dental care. The cost of your procedure will depend on several factors, such as the degree of whitening required to achieve your results. You will need to schedule a consultation with our team to receive a detailed quote on our affordable teeth whitening procedure.

To make things easier financially, we accept financing through CareCredit and most major dental insurance plans. We also have in-house payment plans available.

For affordable teeth whitening in Hamden, schedule a consultation with us at Dixwell Dental. Call us at (203) 404-7006 today. We have evening appointments available as well as weekend hours.


  • Andrew S.

    Dr. Jagat Patel and Dr. Neal Patel are the best. Very professional and with great deal of experience. The staff is very friendly and you are treated like family. The office is neat and up to date and they are always willing to accommodate to you. I definitely recommend this practice.

  • Jonathan C.

    I recommend this place! The staff is always so polite and they make sure I have no doubts before leaving. They remind me of my appointments and they always go the extra mile to help whenever needed.

  • Dev P.

    Great service and care, I would recommend them to anyone! A family feel that truly transforms your dental experience into one filled with warmth and comfort.

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