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How Can a Root Canal Treatment Benefit You?

Root canal, also known as endodontic therapy, is a treatment option for patients suffering from tooth decay, severe toothache, as well as a sensitive tooth. It involves the treatment of exposed and severed tooth nerves. Additionally, the treatment also removes bacteria from an infected pulp. Contrary to what most people think, root canal treatment is virtually painless. It has even been reported to cause less discomfort during recovery compared to having your tooth extracted.

If your dentist has suggested this treatment for you, knowing about its benefits will encourage you to undergo the procedure. For that reason, Dixwell Dental has compiled some of the advantages it offers. Read on to know what these are!

Prevents infection from spreading to other teeth

The cause of a toothache or cavity is an infection on the tooth. When you undergo root canal therapy, the bacteria that causes the infection will be removed. Once this is done, the tooth will be cleaned and disinfected. In turn, this will stop the cause of pain and discomfort, leaving no room for the bacteria to spread.

Aims to save your teeth

Did you know that root canal therapy is a dental option that helps keep your tooth? So when you undergo this treatment, you will not have to worry about losing a tooth or having a gap in the jaw. After the procedure, your tooth remains intact and will function like the rest of your teeth.

Prevents jawbone degeneration

As mentioned above, one of the many benefits of a root canal treatment is that it saves your tooth. If your teeth preserved, your jawbone remains healthy. Since the teeth serve as a stimulant for the jaw, a missing tooth can cause one’s jawbone to degenerate over time. 

Improves your oral and overall health

If you have severe tooth decay, it will significantly affect your oral health. In turn, poor oral health will increase your risk of health complications such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections, dementia, and other health conditions. Thus, suffering from an infected tooth can significantly threaten your well-being. When you treat tooth decay, it can help improve your oral health and boost your overall health along with it.

End the tooth pain caused by an infected pulp by availing of our Root Canal Treatment in Hamden, CT. Schedule an appointment with us at Dixwell Dental to experience a safe and comfortable treatment. We are located at 2560 Dixwell Avenue, 1C, Hamden, CT 06514. Call us if you have any questions!


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